Top 10 Night Guards for Teeth Grinding

Are you suffering troublesome symptoms in silence, all because you grind your teeth? Perhaps you awaken with jaw pain and headaches? Are your teeth damaged and loose?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, you are likely be suffering from a condition known as bruxism. This is a common condition: in fact, dentists estimate that 10 percent of Americans suffer from it. If you suspect that you are grinding your teeth at night, do not wait until your symptoms worsen. You need to begin using a mouth guard! This can alleviate your symptoms and prevent further tooth damage. To stop clenching and grinding altogether, we suggest you also try a bruxism biofeedback headband. This product has a proven success record, and is the only one of its kind available.

Choosing a suitable mouth guard for can be difficult, as there are many available on the market. To help you make the right decision, here are the 10 most popular models, with the pros and cons of each:

1. The Night Guard Lab manufactures custom-built mouth guards, created from molds you make at home from a kit. Hard and soft variations are available to suit your particular needs, and there is also a 20% discount if you have pre-existing molds. This product is widely regarded as the most cost-effective and satisfactory mouth guard available today.
2. The GrindGuardN mouth guard works in two synchronistic ways. First of all, it acts as a barrier between your teeth, to ensure that no damage occurs during your sleep. Secondly, the device has a patented Central Power Bar, which re-directs your bite force. This removes the grinding and clenching stimulus and ensures a dramatic reduction in painful symptoms and, in many cases, a complete healing from bruxism.
3.The self-adjust technology in the SleepRight mouth guard ensures maximum comfort without compromising effectiveness. Painful symptoms that occur as a result of nightly grinding are quickly resolved. The company produces three models, catering to the needs of all consumers. These are inexpensive and effective devices to combat bruxism.
4. You can mold and fit this Night Guard yourself. Conceived by a dentist, it has double layers that both protect and cushion your teeth against unconscious grinding. It is appropriate for use on your upper teeth.
5. The SmartGuard is self-molded and worn over your upper teeth. It effectively treats both TMJ and bruxism. There is now also an Elite model available, which particularly reduces joint popping associated with TMJ.
6. Available in packs of 10, Plackers Night Protectors are both hygienic and disposable. They arrive ready to wear, and you do not need to boil and mold them yourself. They are appropriate for use on both the lower and upper teeth, depending on your preference.
7.This device fits to your lower teeth, and is molded using the standard ‘boil’ method. However, each side of the mouth guard has an adjustable strap, for added comfort. The advanced model has a cushioned inner layer and hard outer shell, for extra protection
8.The Grind Guard by Archtek is worn over the upper teeth. It is clear and fairly discreet. It is molded with the standard ‘boil’ method, but be aware that the thermoplastic used in the device has a low melting point. Take care not to overheat it during the molding process.
9.Created by Dr. James Bancroft, an orthodontist, the StressGard is suitable for sufferers of both TMJ and bruxism. There is no complicated molding process. You simply trim it if necessary. It will fit over either the lower or upper teeth. There is an advanced version available for those who grind the front teeth as well as the molars.
10.Created by an experienced dental hygienist, this inexpensive product can help with either TMJ or bruxism. It will fit either the lower or upper teeth, and can also function as a mouth guard for contact sports. To mold the mouth guard, you will need to follow the standard ‘boil’ method.

The #1 Choice of Bruxism Sufferers: Night Guard’s Custom Dental Guard


Night Guard Lab mouth guards are custom-built, top-quality devices that are also reasonably priced. The company was first formed to provide a service to practicing dentists. They now make a range of products and sell directly to consumers. Both soft and acrylic mouth guards are available from Night Guard Lab. Consumers consistently rate them the most comfortable mouth guards on the market.

Night Guard keeps prices affordable because they send you your own mold, with which you make your own dental impressions. (Don’t worry, there are clear instructions included! For more information, see our full product review) Once they receive your mold, qualified technicians create your custom mouth guard, using laminates that are FDA-approved.


Let’s be honest. These mouth guards are not the cheapest on the market, and you may well find less expensive, over-the-counter mouth guards that will work well for you in the short term.

There are slight difficulties involved when you are responsible for creating your own mold. Take plenty of time and ensure that you follow the instructions closely. If you have any queries, contact the Night Guard technicians by phone for guidance.

Final Conclusion:

The majority of people believe that visiting a dentist is the only way to acquire a custom-built mouth guard. Dentists will rarely tell you that they themselves use external laboratories to make these devices! However, with Night Guard Lab, you can now purchase your own made-to-measure device, without a costly visit to the dentist.

With a Night Guard dental device, you have all the comfort of a custom-made mouth guard, without the costly outlay. They even provide a 20% discount for customers who use their own, pre-existing molds. For the premium custom-built mouth guards available, contact Night Guard Lab today!

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