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The StressGard NightGuard

Designed by an orthodontist, the StressGard is an effective tool in preventing the tooth damage that arises from nightly clenching and grinding. Often, people with bruxism find that if it is left untreated, it eventually causes costly enamel damage, lost fillings and chipping. Those suffering from TMJ have also found that the StressGard provides relief from pain and tension.

The StressGard forms a cushioned barrier between your lower and upper teeth. Orthodontist James Bancroft, who designed the device, also incorporated a flexible groove, which serves as an extra shock absorber. An added benefit of the StressGard is that there is no complicated boiling and molding process to contend with. It is designed to be loose fitting, and you simply trim it to the appropriate size for your mouth.

The StressGard works equally well with either the lower or upper teeth. It separates your teeth, and its smooth surface makes it incredibly difficult even to maintain a grinding action, as your teeth simply slip against it during contact. As a result, there is an immediate reduction in discomfort and pain. Your teeth are also protected from damage.


I find that I’m producing a lot of saliva when I use the StressGard. How can I minimize this?

This is a normal reaction encountered by many who start wearing a mouth guard when they sleep, particularly those who have not tried using one before. If it is too annoying for you, build up the time period for which you wear the device. Start initially with sessions of two to three hours, and increase it from there.

How long can I use my StressGard each night?

Once you are used to it, you can safely wear the StressGard all night long. If you need extra protection, you are free to wear it during the daytime as well.

When should I replace my StressGard?

The device is considerably durable. For heavy grinders, it generally lasts between nine months and a year. If you are only an episodic grinder, it will last even longer. Simply replace it when signs of wear become apparent.

The StressGard has a loose fit. What if it falls out while I am sleeping?

This is highly unlikely. Your tongue, lips and cheeks create a natural suction, or tissue retention, that enables the device to remain in place while you sleep.

Could I wear my StressGard during the daytime?

Of course. As it isn’t particularly bulky, the device can easily be worn during the day, should you choose. It can be worn on either the upper or lower teeth. For daytime use, wearing it on your lower teeth is recommended as it is discreet. You can still talk and drink water while wearing your StressGard

Here are the two models currently available:

Original: If you only grind your molars and leave your front teeth relatively unaffected, StressGard’s Original model is the best choice for you. You do not need to boil and mold the device. Simply trim it to the required size, if necessary.


StressGard II: This model is recommended for people who grind their front teeth in addition to their molars. There is a bite plate at the front of the device, to absorb extra shock. Both the Original and StressGard II models come with a free plastic case and instructions for fitting.


▪ Can be worn on either the lower or upper teeth.
▪ Prevents the teeth from touching, thereby relieving symptoms o bruxism and TMJ.
▪ No boiling and molding required. Simply trim to fit.


  • StressGard offers a 30-day, full guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, they will refund your money.
  • Consumers claim a considerable reduction in bruxism symptoms, including jaw pain and headaches.
  • The product is also effective against TMJ.


  • The loose fit and hard texture is uncomfortable for some, but this depends on personal preference.


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