The SmartGuard – A Review

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SmartGuard Dental Guard

This dental guard is specifically designed to relieve headaches and TMJ (Temoporomandibular Joint Disorder). TMJ can cause ear pain, clicking and popping, headaches and even difficulty eating at times. The SmartGuard prevents the back teeth from touching, so that your symptoms are alleviated. The design of the device is patented. Users can mold it themselves, and it is small enough to ensure that you don’t gag while wearing it.

Which Model is Right for Me?

Original: Designed to address TMJ, this model is more cost-effective than similar devices available from a dentist. Clinical trials report that 82% of patients found their headache symptoms improved with use of this appliance.

Elite: This model is more flexible than the original. As the molding process is easier, it will adapt well to different mouth shapes. Users report great improvements in symptoms such as jaw popping and clicking, as well as lockjaw. This item is available as a single purchase only for a short time, after which it may be ordered from dentists or within the “Combo”.

Combo: This package allows consumers to purchase an Elite model along with an Original model. This way, users can try each model to ascertain which one they prefer.

Twin Pack (Original): This pack allows you to buy two Original models, at a cheaper price.

Twin Pack (Elite): This pack allows you to buy two Elite models, at a cheaper price.


▪ Used primarily during sleep, this night guard fits the top row of teeth.
▪ Keep back molars apart to relieve symptoms of bruxism and TMJ.
▪ The Elite version of the nights guard became available at the start of
2012. It is especially effective at addressing joint clicking and popping experienced by TMJ sufferers.


  • The night guard is small enough that it doesn’t cause gagging.
  • Reduces nightly clenching and grinding.
  • Many users find the night guard very effective in reducing headaches.
  • Other symptoms addressed by this device include ear ringing and jaw pain.


  • Some people report that the device is a bit too chunky and wide, which causes discomfort.
  • The Elite model has a trickier molding process than the Original model, but the website has videos to help with this.

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