SleepRight Mouth Guard: A Review

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The SleepRight Mouth Guard

The SleepRight mouth guard differs from other models on the market because it uses self-adjust technology. This ensures maximum comfort in the battle against painful grinding and clenching symptoms

How exactly does it work?

The mouth guard looks completely different from what you may be accustomed to. Most customers are pleasantly surprised with the degree of comfort that comes from the new technology. Adjustable bitepads rest snugly between your molars to re-establish natural space. You hold the device in its position with the natural position of your tongue, lips and cheeks while you sleep.

To fit a typical mouth guard, there is often a complicated process required, involving boiling water and biting into heated plastic to form a mold. The SleepRight mouth guard does away with all of this. Its heat-sensitive band simply reshapes itself during wear to fit your individual contours. The SleepRight mouth guard has no sharp corners or clasps to be concerned with.

This technology has a twofold effect. First of all, it serves the traditional purpose of protecting and cushioning your teeth, preventing the fractures, chipping and loosening that are often a byproduct of nightly teeth grinding. Secondly, the separation between your upper and lower teeth works to decompress the jaw, causing it to relax.

Which type of SleepRight mouth guard should I purchase?

Slim-Comfort: this is the most lightweight of the SleepRight models. Choose this option if you have sensitive gums or a small mouth. It is extremely discreet, making it suitable for wear during the daytime. It is similar to SleepRight’s Secure-Comfort model, except that it does not have upper stability wings.

Secure-Comfort: this model is almost identical to the Slim-Comfort, but also has left and right stability wings. These rest against your gums, ensuring that the device remains in place with hardly any movement. Most customers suit this model.

Dura-Comfort: this is SleepRight’s most advanced design. Recommended for individuals with aggressive grinding habits, it is made from a more durable material. The bitepads are sturdier, and the stability wings have greater flexibility than the other models, ensuring a comfortable fit.

The complete alignment of the fit ensures minimal gum irritation. The wider strap attached to the heat-sensitive band reduces rubbing and ensures that the device stays in place against the most aggressive grinding habits.

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Is the dental guard easy to clean?

Absolutely. Simply rinse in either mouthwash or cool water and then store the device in its case, once you have allowed it to dry. Please note that you must keep it away from pets, particularly dogs, who are sorely tempted to destroy and chew dental guards!

What makes the SleepRight mouth guard different from other models out there?

This mouth guard was designed following a comprehensive study of several hundred patients. Its function is similar to that of other dental appliances, but it is far cheaper. It is more lightweight than most other products, and many customers find that they hardly notice it when they speak. It is also able to remain in place while you drink.

SleepRight’s unique mechanism effortlessly fits your individual anatomy, and there is no need for the complicated heating and cutting processes involved in making a traditional dental mold. There is also a comprehensive guide included with each product, helping you to reduce your bruxism habit.

For how long can I wear the SleepRight mouth guard?

It is fine if you want to wear your mouth guard during the day. However, it is recommended that you try not to wear it for more than 12 consecutive hours at a time. This is so that you avoid developing a reliance on the mouth guard. After all, your goal should be to train yourself to stop clenching and grinding altogether. It is also suggested that you take breaks from using the mouth guard, in order to assess your progress realistically.

I’ve noticed that my jaw has started to hurt more than it did before I had a mouth guard. Is this normal?

This is a temporary symptom that occurs quite commonly when a person starts using a mouth guard. It results from the habitual tendency to bite down. The bitepads in your mouth guard will gradually stretch the muscles of the jaw, to re-establish space between your molars. This may fatigue the muscles initially, but discomfort soon disappears with regular usage.


▪ SleepRight produces three models, so that all customers are able to find a suitable product for their needs.
▪ All mouth guards have a full warranty and a 30-day guarantee.
▪ The Slim-Comfort model is so lightweight that it is suitable for day wear at work.
▪ All of the models stay comfortably in place during talking and drinking.
▪ No molding process required.
▪ Hypoallergenic. No BPA or latex.


  • The patented technology in the SleepRight mouth guard ensures a user-friendly, inexpensive device.
  • The bitepads and adjustable strap fit to every adult mouth shape with no fuss at all.
  • No complicated molding process is needed.
  • Once the device is in place, its thermoplastic will adapt further to your individual shape, ensuring a great fit.
  • There are no sharp clasps or corners on the mouth guard. Its comfortable fit ensures that you have a great night’s sleep.
  • If you have aggressive grinding habits, SleepRight’s Dura-Comfort model comes with a sturdier strap and bitepads that can resist the heaviest pressure.


  • Some customers report irritation when using the Dura-Comfort model. However, they have fewer (if any) problems with the Slim-Comfort.
  • Conversely, others report that the Slim-Comfort is difficult to keep in place against their heavy grinding habits. In these instances, they would be better suited to the Dura-Comfort.


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