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The Plackers Dental Protectors

Plackers mouth guards are disposable, which makes them very hygienic. They can be purchased in packs containing ten mouth guards. Each individually wrapped guard can be used over three consecutive nights. They work to stop teeth grinding by providing a protective barrier between the teeth during sleep. The mouth guard fits either the lower or upper teeth, so you are able to choose which option makes you more comfortable. Users report a great reduction in many symptoms, including tooth damage, jaw pain and headaches.

To mold a mouth guard to fit your teeth, you must traditionally boil it in order to make it pliable. Then, you would need to cut the device to the correct size. The whole process can be a little difficult and is often time consuming. The disposable Night Protector has a design that allows you to avoid the whole process.


What kinds of problems can a Plackers mouth guard help me with?

The Plackers mouth guard provides relief from bruxism-related earaches, jaw pain and migraines, if they are brought on by teeth grinding. Use of the mouth guard will also prevent oral damage, including tooth chipping, recessed gums and worn enamel. It greatly reduces unconscious grinding during sleep, allowing you to get a good night’s rest.

How does a Plackers Night Protector compare with other night guards in a similar price bracket?

The Plackers company states that it has three main priorities: hygiene, protection and comfort. The devices fit over the lower or upper teeth, depending entirely on your comfort. They are individually wrapped in packs of ten, and are designed to fit all mouth sizes. The night protectors can be used for three consecutive nights before you must dispose of them and use a fresh one. These devices are effective in the struggle against bruxism and its many distressing symptoms.

How long does the mouth guard last before it should be changed for a fresh one?

The answer to this question depends on the amount of grinding you are doing in your sleep. Generally, people manage to wear the mouth guard for 3 nights, and then they dispose of it and start over with a fresh one. However, if you find that it has too many signs of wear and tear before you have been using it for 3 nights, it will need replacing sooner. Similarly, if at any point you feel that it doesn’t fit as well as it did on the first night, it is also time to throw it away.

Does the Night Protector come with any special care instructions?

You will only need to clean the mouth guard if you decide to use it for longer than one night. It can easily be cleaned in mouthwash or cold water. Make sure that you dry it thoroughly and use the storage container that comes with your purchase.

Is there any limit on the number of hours I should wear my Night Protector for?

It is recommended that you only use the device for periods of up to 12 hours.

How do I make sure the Night Protector fits properly inside my mouth?

The Night Protector has bite pads, which fit between any of your molars. They don’t always reach right to the back of your mouth, and don’t need to in order to function properly. Just rest the pads on whichever molars they reach comfortably.

Does the Night Protector need boiling in order to fit it properly?

No. The Night Protector is ready for use as soon as you remove it from the packaging. Unlike other models on the market, it does not need boiling or cutting in order to mold it.


▪ Fits equally well on both the lower and upper teeth.
▪ The product is lightweight and disposable.
▪ The device comes with its own packaging container for hygienic storage.
▪ Although the overall texture is hard, it is also flexible and light.
▪ The device is constructed so that it only moves minimally in your mouth whilst you are sleeping.


  • The products are hygienically wrapped, so that you will always have a fresh one to hand.
  • The device is very easy to keep clean. You can use mouthwash or cold water to rinse the product, and then store it in the container provided.
  • You can still talk while wearing the device, as it is very lightweight.
  • These mouth guards are far cheaper than those made by a dentist.


  • Heavy grinders generally find these mouth guards too lightweight.
  • If you have a small mouth, there is a slight chance that the product will feel too large and uncomfortable.

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