GrindGuardN Mouth Guards: A Review

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About the GrindGuardN Mouth Guard

An actual practicing dentist, Dr. Joe Pelerin, designed this dental guard. It addresses the side effects of bruxism, commonly known as teeth clenching or grinding. While bruxism may not initially seem serious, its long-term impact can be quite traumatic. It very often leads to complications including migraines, sleep disturbances and TMJ, not to mention costly tooth damage.

Dr. Pelerin claims that many people may already experience some of the painful symptoms mentioned above, but have no idea that they are caused by nightly teeth grinding. If you have any discomfort at all in the head, jaw or neck area, he suggests you try the GrindGuardN for a trial period, to determine whether you are unwittingly grinding your teeth during sleep. Many customers around the world have experienced a dramatic reduction in their symptoms by using the GrindGuardN, even when they swore that they did not have a problem with bruxism!

The unique feature of the GrindGuardN is the Central Power Bar that runs through the middle of the device. The lightweight Central Power Bar serves to concentrate all of the force from your bite into the front of your mouth, instead of between the side teeth, which is where most damage occurs. Shifting the bite force in such a way ensures that you no longer have the stimulus to continue grinding your teeth.

Dr. Pelerin, the dentist who created the GrindGuardN, claims that using traditional mouth guards will certainly protect your teeth, but can actually increase the inclination to grind your teeth more forcefully than before. The Central Power Bar is one of the few technologies available on the market that has the potential to remove your clenching and grinding habits permanently. Initial clinical studies conducted by Dr. Pelerin have shown that patients who diligently use the FDA-approved GrindGuardN experience a reduction in symptoms of up to 70 percent.

The GrindGuardN mouth guard appears to be a lot smaller than other devices on the market, as it is only used with the six or eight teeth that sit at the lower front of your mouth. However, the inner layer of the device is made from a special thermoplastic, which means you are able to mold it to fit your mouth perfectly. You simply need to immerse it in hot water to raise its temperature, let it cool a little, and then press it over the lower teeth as instructed. It can be softened and remolded in this way as many times as you wish.


Could I really be grinding my teeth unconsciously?

Yes. Some individuals are aware of their nightly grinding because they begin to see damage to their teeth. However, many more people experience referred symptoms like neck and shoulder pain, or even migraine headaches, which might seem difficult to connect to bruxism. If you consider that most people brux in their sleep, it is quite likely you are unaware if you have a problem or not. Remember that teeth grinding is extremely common in today’s stressful world.

When should I purchase the GrindGuardN?

If you find that you often wake up with neck, jaw or shoulder pain, or even earaches, you should try a GrindGuardN. First of all, if you are experiencing such painful symptoms, your sleep is quite likely to be disrupted. This increases stress levels, which perpetuates the teeth grinding cycle. Also, please note that bruxism does not tend to correct itself without any intervention. Please don’t disregard your symptoms, because untreated bruxism can cause serious, costly damage.

How exactly does the GrindGuardN work to address my bruxism problem?

The mouth guard works by using two processes at the same time. Firstly, it stops your teeth touching each other by providing a barrier between them. Secondly, the Central Power Bar concentrates bite force at the front of your mouth, at the anterior midline. This is clinically proven to decrease clenching action by approximately 70 percent.

Other dental appliances might temporarily shield and cushion your teeth, but they do nothing as far as preventing the grinding impulse is concerned. In fact, prolonged use of mouth guards can even cause you to increase the pressure of your bite! By contrast, the GrindGuardN will help eliminate a bruxism habit for good.

Has the GrindGuardN had much recorded success?

Absolutely! The GrindGuardN has been so successful that it has been featured in both TV and print news. If you would like to see some customer testimonials, there are several videos on GrindGuardN’s website showing satisfied consumers. Many patients report being free of their previous dental issues, along with secondary symptoms like migraines, neck pain and shoulder pain.


Does a GrindGuardN mouth guard compare favorably with a mouth guard that my dentist would make?

Yes! Don’t forget that a registered dentist, Dr. Joe Pelerin, designed the GrindGuardN. Dr. Pelerin has been in private practice for more than thirty years. The GrindGuardN already has a proven track record with helping to rid people of their painful symptoms. Its excellent results in both clinical trials as well as in the marketplace prove that it functions equally as well as devices made by other dentists. In fact, due to its patented Central Power Bar, many consumers claim that the GrindGuardN is a superior product to all other devices.


▪ The GrindGuardN prevents bruxism by keeping all of your teeth apart. However, it is smaller than many other products, and is only worn on the lower six or eight teeth at the front of the mouth. 
▪ The Central Power Bar concentrates bite force in the front of the mouth, which actually releases the grinding stimulus.
▪ All materials are approved by the FDA. They are easily cleaned, lightweight and durable.


  • The device’s Central Power Bar re-programs your muscles and nerves, which gradually eliminates your grinding impulse.
  • There is no need to visit your dentist to make a mold, as you can create one at home by following the simple instructions.
  • You can soften and remold the thermoplastic of this device as many times as you wish.
  • There is a 100 percent, 30-day guarantee, which ensures complete confidence in your purchase.
  • At just $69.00 USD (also, don’t forget to enter “EXTRA10″ at checkout for an additional $10 discount!), this product far less costly than visiting your dentist to be fitted for a similar appliance.
  • There is an excellent level of customer service, with technicians readily available to address your concerns or questions.


  • Children under the age of 12 cannot use this guard, as it is designed for adult mouths. It is also unsuitable for individuals with braces and those with crooked lower teeth.
  • While it works brilliantly for many, some find the GrindGuardN unsuitable. Please view the following video for further information:

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