Grind Guard by Archtek – A Review

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The Grind Guard by Archtek

Archtek has released a dental guard, the Grind Guard, which is effective and hygienic. It comes with instructions for molding and its own ‘clam-shell’ storage container. The device is thermoformed, which means that you mold it to the shape of your own teeth, once the material is sufficiently heated. Simply place it in boiling water for approximately eight seconds, let it cool a little, and bite into it until your dental impression is adequately formed.

The Grind Guard has a fairly subtle appearance, for a dental guard. It is completely clear with a smooth surface. Consumers report that the Grind Guard is comfortable to use, particularly during a night of sleep. It is appropriate for heavy grinders, as its polycarbonate material gives it durability. Archtek recommends that you use the device with your top row of teeth. It reduces pain associated with nightly teeth grinding, by keeping your lower and upper teeth slightly separated. The Grind Guard is reported to improve the quality of sleep, even from the first few nights of using it.


▪ Keeps lower and upper teeth separate, in order to reduce or even eradicate bruxism symptoms.
▪ Mold the Grind Guard yourself by following the instructions included with the device.
▪ Clear to look at and smooth to the touch.
▪ Designed as a device to be used during sleep.
▪ Intended for use with your top teeth.


  • Ideal for small mouths, as it is fairly lightweight and non-bulky.
  • It is easy to close your mouth over the Grind Guard, which ensures a normal night’s sleep.
  • Made from durable polycarbonate, the Grind Guard can withstand heavy grinding.
  • Amazon stocks a bonus twin pack for $12.15. This is much more economical than visiting your dentist for a custom-made device.
  • The accompanying instructions are clear and easy to understand.
  • A free ‘clam-shell’ storage case is included with every purchase.
  • If necessary, it is easy to re-heat and re-mold the Grind Guard, should you have new dental work that changes the shape of any teeth.


  • It takes time to mold the device, and can be a little fiddly.
  • Take care if you experience temperature sensitivity in your teeth. The mouth guard requires heating in order to mold it, and you may find this process uncomfortable.
  • Unfortunately, the device has quite a low melting point. This means that you must be very careful when you are boiling it in the molding process. If you melt the Grind Guard, you will render it unusable.
  • The polycarbonate material used in the Grind Guard’s manufacture will still allow you to clench your jaw during sleep. It does not entirely cause the jaw to release. However, it has been reported to significantly improve bruxism symptoms.
  • Use of the Grind Guard is restricted to the top set of teeth only.


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