The Doctor’s® NightGuard™ – A Review

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Did you know that nearly all members of the population of the Western world will have issues with teeth grinding at some point in their lives? If this condition is allowed to run on unchecked, it can cause great damage over time. The Doctor’s® NightGuard™ is a comfortable and effective device to combat this condition. It is placed over the upper teeth and worn during sleep, in order to protect you from dental damage. It has a soft inner layer that works as a shock-absorbing cushion, while its hard outer layer prevents bite-through and, over time, works to prevent grinding altogether.

How Does it Work?

1 – In a pot, bring several cups of water to boiling. You will need a depth of 3 inches, at least. Hold a rolling boil for 60 seconds, and then carefully lower the dental protector into the pot. Keep the channel side facing downwards.

2 – Wait for 50 seconds.

3 – N.B. Timing is extremely important, in order to gain the best fit! Make sure that you have a timer ready to use.

4 – Using a fork, remove the dental protector from the pot. Place it on a plate, with the channel side facing up. Start the timer.

5 – After 20 seconds, the device is cool enough to touch. Pick it up by grasping the underside. Refrain from touching the sticky material.

6 – With the aid of a mirror, bite down into the soft material to mold it against your teeth. Make sure that your front teeth tips are quite close to the device’s front edge.

7 – Close your mouth around the protector. Suck in with enough force that the plastic is drawn right to your mouth’s roof. Use the tongue, if needed, to push the protector upwards. Use your thumbs to press the material firmly onto all surfaces of the teeth.

8 – Keep the protector in your mouth for 30 sections. During this time, you must keep biting down and sucking in against it. After the 30 seconds has elapsed, check that the molding process is complete by ensuring it stays firmly in place. This means that the material has cooled enough to create the mold.


Is the dental protector easy to care for?

Yes. Simply mix some denture cleanser like Efferdent in a container of water. Soak the protector for about 15 minutes to eradicate any bacteria and odor. Rinse, dry and store in the container provided.

How does this particular device compare with some of the other mouth guards currently available?

Created by a dentist, the Doctor’s® NightGuard™ Advanced Comfort™ mouth guard is more comfortable than many of its competitors, due to its inner layer. It is constructed from soft, FDA-approved material and acts like a shock absorber when you grind your teeth. There is also a tough outer layer completing the patented design. This prevents you from biting through the device, which is something that occurs frequently with other products.

What if my dental protector feels too large for my mouth?

The protector should not extend past your back molars during the molding process. If you find this is the case, just remove it mouth and carefully cut it to size, using a knife or razor.

Can the molding process be repeated if something goes wrong?

Yes. Soften the inner material again by placing the protector back into a pot of boiling water. Once it has cooled, use your fingers to push it back approximately to its original shape. After this, you can repeat the actual molding process.


▪ The unique double-layer design comprises a soft inner layer to absorb
shock and a hard external layer to prevent bite-through.
▪ Several different sizes available.
▪ No need for a dental visit: mold the device at home.
▪ Storage container included.
▪ In addition to the “Classic” design, there is an “Advanced Comfort” model also available, which is particularly good for sensitive mouths.


  • The Doctor’s® NightGuard™ retails at less than $20. This is far less expensive than a dental visit to be fitted for a similar appliance.
  • A registered dentist created the product, and has also uploaded several helpful, instructional videos to the Doctor’s NightGuard™ website here (insert link to the official website)
  • There are different sizes available and all can be trimmed quite easily to ensure a perfect fit.
  • The patented double-layer design ensures a high level of comfort and effectiveness.
  • The mouth guard is so slim and flexible that you will find you can sleep as normal with a closed mouth.


  • The mouth guard is a little difficult to mold. However, should things go awry, the process can be repeated easily. As the product is far cheaper than a mouth guard from a dentist, this small inconvenience seems worth it.
  • Molding the product on your own means that you do not have contact with dental technicians. However, the mouth guard was designed by a dentist and is quite straightforward to fit.


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