DenTek Mouth Guard – A Review

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DenTek Mouth Guards

DenTek makes two dental guards that combat teeth grinding (also known as bruxism) effectively. Both guards are substantially smaller than other appliances on the market, which was a deliberate move by the company to create something lightweight, with an extremely comfortable fit. Dentek mouth guards are fully adjustable and keep the lower and upper molars apart, which prevents unconscious grinding.

To fit the mouth guard, boil some water and soak it first. Then bite into it to create a dental impression. The straps on the sides of the mouth guard can also be adjusted easily. Ensure that you clean your mouth guard every day. It is a good idea to use hair dryer to dry the mouth guard in a hygienic manner. The device should fit quite tightly, so do not be alarmed if it feels a little uncomfortable at first. This is entirely normal, and just means that your body needs to take time to adjust to it.

The Custom Comfort version of the mouth guard is intended for use with the lower teeth. It is clear, with inner and outer layers. The soft inside layer guarantees comfort, while the harder outside layer gives durability and added protection.

The Comfort Fit version is also intended for use with the lower teeth. However, many customers claim that they have molded it successfully for their upper teeth. The wear indicator on the device helps you to gauge when you need to replace it. It also has a retention band, which helps to keep it in place when you are sleeping.


▪ The mouth guard is intended for wear on the lower teeth during sleep, but many customers state that they have also molded it for use with the upper set of teeth.
▪ The adjustable straps on the sides of the mouth guard add to the comfort of the fit. Fitting instructions are included with your purchase.
▪ The mouth guards can easily be cleaned with warm water and a toothbrush. It is advisable to add mouthwash or some toothpaste, to ensure a thorough clean.


  • The durable outer layer of the Custom Comfort version allows you to use it for long periods of time.
  • Dentek offers a 12 month, full guarantee on the mouth guard.
  • At not even $30.00 USD, these mouth guards are far cheaper than those created at the dentist.


  • Although the mouth guard appears to be quite finely constructed, a number of customers report that it feels somewhat bulky.
  • There is a noticeable ridge between the inside and outside layers, which could cause discomfort with sensitive users.
  • Mouth guards with a tight fit like this one risk trapping saliva against the teeth. This can have an acidic effect, leading to cavities. To avoid this, clean the device scrupulously every day.


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