Dental Hygiene Preferred™ Mouth Guard Review

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The Dental Hygiene Preferred™ Mouth Guard

Created by a Dental Hygienist, this mouth guard comes as part of an inexpensive kit. You fit it yourself, and it is effective against both TMJ and bruxism, particularly if you grind your teeth during sleep. Each kit comes with a vented storage case and two mouth guards of differing sizes, so that you can choose the best fitting one. To mold your mouth guard, simply immerse it in near-boiling water, let it cool slightly, and bite into it to create a dental impression. The device provides a cushioned barrier between your lower and upper molars, which prevents teeth grinding during sleep.

The DHP™ mouth guard is made from FDA-approved EVA (commonly called vinyl) material, which is soft and ensures a good fit. You can use the mouth guard equally well on either your lower or upper teeth. Its snug fit means it can also be used as a sports mouth guard if necessary. The device is designed for adult use only, so please ask the advice of a pedodontist before using it on children under 12 years of age.

If you have veneers, fillings, implants or crowns, it is crucially important to protect them against the disastrous consequences of nightly grinding. This is an ideal device for achieving this, as its snug fit means that it should stay in place in your mouth throughout the entire night. Of course, it will also reduce the pain associated with bruxism and TMJ.


▪ Worn primarily during sleep, it fits over either the lower or the upper teeth.
▪ A vented storage container is provided free with every purchase.
▪ The kit contains two mouth guards of slightly different sizes. This way, customers may choose the one which gives the best fit.
▪ Will aid in the treatment of either TMJ or bruxism symptoms.


  • Very clear molding instructions included with each kit.
  • Created by a registered and experienced dental hygienist.
  • A full guarantee is offered, should you decide that the mouth guard is unsuitable for you.
  • Successfully protects dental work against damage and excessive wear.
  • Easily doubles as a contact sports mouth guard.


  • Users with a smaller mouth size claim that the mouth guard is a little too bulky and uncomfortable.
  • If you have braces or any other kind of orthodontic retainer, you may not be able to use this mouth guard. Do consult your specialist for more advice regarding this matter.



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